Posted by: k | October 6, 2008

An open letter

Dear Wisdom Tooth,

You are a sadist. Only a sadist would be so happy to inflict such pain. But I shall prevail, because tomorrow, dear tooth, you, me, and all your little friends are going to the dentist, and you are going to be poked and prodded and a decision will be made whether to rip your sorry ass out of my jaw.

Oh, and so you know, once you’ve been prised from my jaw, and your former resting place is stitched up and is fully healed, you sick, sideways bastard, I am going to a steakhouse and getting me a big steak, mofo. And I am going to enjoy every damn pain-free bite.

With love,

Your suffering host.

PS. Don’t worry, I’m sure one of your other cronies will decide to follow in your footsteps. And I’ll have that little fucker ripped out, too.



  1. Haha!

    I just went to the dentist at lunch time. It wasn’t that bad, but I think my Mum rang ahead to warn them I was a reluctant patient, and the dentist guy barely spent 30 seconds looking at my teeth before declaring they were fine, and giving me a clean using some gross granual thingys.

    Good luck, wisdom tooth.

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