Posted by: k | October 5, 2008


Well, we’re now in October. My blogging last month wasabsymal, but then again I’m not even sure mypublishing a post creates a blip on the internet radar, so I doubt I was missed!

I think I need to come up with some goals to strive for this month. Nothing springs to mind at the moment, but if I can’t think of anything soon then I’ll put it to the list for November.

My teeth and jaw are up for scrutiny on Tuesday morning; I finally bit the bullet (pardon the pun) and made an appointment to see a dentist. I wasn’t impressed when I went for the x-ray and the technician said “um, ALL your piercings need to be taken out”. Three pairs of earrings, a nose stud and a lip bar later, and I felt, well, naked. They were all put back in within 5 minutes of returning to the waiting room, and normalcy was reinstated.

Speaking of the x-ray, my wisdom tooth is trying to come through sideways, which would pretty much explain the pain that comes with trying to eat anything slighly chewy. It seems likely that my lucky tooth will need to be cut out, since it’s impacted – read, under the gum – and pressing against my other teeth. I have a pretty high pain threshold, but if that’s what needs to be done, they can knock me out, thank you very much.

Gym and diet wise, my efforts have been abysmal also. Up another kilo, but hopefully that will come off again when I get back into a gym routine.

Off to plan lunches for the next week so I don’t cave and either go for takeaway or a pub lunch!



  1. i read your blog … i notice 😉
    good luck with the tooth !!!

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