Posted by: k | September 24, 2008

I bitch, you sympathise.

I’ve decided that I need a new body. Not an upgrade… a whole new body. Starting fresh would be good.

First of all, I’m still having problems with my sinuses. I haven’t had clear sinuses since July last year. The doctors give me enough drugs so I can breathe and function, but not enough to clear up the infection and get rid of my headaches. After my constant complaining, they think something else might need to be done to clear it. So off I go this weekend for an allergy test. If I’m not allergic to anything (which I’m sure I’m not), then it’s time for another CT scan before deciding what else to do.

Secondly, do you guys remember when I tore up my ankle on Boxing Day and how it tested my co-ordination? Well, I’ve aggravated the stupid thing. I was getting really active, going to the gym 4-5 days a week, walking after work, walking on weekends… until I tweaked my ankle. It started to hurt when I exercised, so I bought a new elastic ankle support to wear while working out. Ankle swells, put on support, swelling eases. Until it starts to hurt. All this week, I’ve had a puffy, painful ankle, and I’ve had to wear the support all day. Flat shoes for work, and no walking. I went back to the doctor about it on Monday and he’s said there’s not a lot he can do, but I’ve either torn the tendon again slightly, or there’s scar tissue getting in the way. Either way, I have to limit walking, especially on uneven surfaces, keep wearing the elastic support, and take anti-inflammatories, and if it doesn’t ease up after that, I get to go for an ultrasound! I’d like to see them try and tell me to keep off it, because it is not going to happen.

And – if you aren’t sick of my bitching yet, there’s more. I’ve been meaning to go to the dentist all year, because I haven’t been since I was still at school (4 years ago, whoops!). The good news is, I’m going. The bad news is I’m going because I’ve gotten extra wise and have what appears to be an impacted wisdom tooth. In short, my wisdom tooth is trying to come through, but it’s still under the gum because my mouth isn’t big enough – ha! who’d have thought! – to accomodate it. So, said wisdom tooth is rubbing against its neighbour Mr Molar, and pushing Mr Molar against it’s neighbour and so on, resulting in a very sore jaw for moi. Eating right now is fun. I’ve been given a referral from the dentist to go and have x-rays, because they won’t touch my wisdom tooth without seeing what’s going on. So, I get x-rays at the same time I have my allergy test, and depending on what the dentist thinks, I’ll either be having a molar pulled out, or having my wisdom tooth cut out, meaning stitches.

Yep, I really think I need a new body. Do you think I could sneak in an extra request to get it a couple of sizes smaller?



  1. Oh dear . . . none of that is particularly awesome, although at least it’s all treatable! Here’s hoping a body upgrade comes through for you, or at least this one gets time to mend.

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