Posted by: k | September 22, 2008

The Great Unveil!

Okay, I totally suck at posting everyday. November will be better, I promise.

But, great news! Remember when I got my new car five months ago, and it looked like this?

Well, as of yesterday, it now looks like this!

Okay, so the car wasn’t totally put back together… but look at the colour! I’m in love… Combine that colour with my purple personalised plates and you’ll see me coming from a mile away!




  1. It looks a hundred times better! Can’t wait to see it totally finished. The colour is definitely awesome.

    Oh, and from a friend to a friend? Please consider removing the Snap preview thing – it drives me nuts when I randomly roll over a photo and it hesitates because it’s got to load that little preview thing. I’ve never really seen the need for it – I mean, it just shows the exact same photo, except in a pop-up box! (Don’t hate me!)

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