Posted by: k | September 7, 2008

I don’t do requests!

I’ve started making my Christmas cards. Only a few, but I figure since it’s early September I can go at my own pace, and by the time mid-November rolls around, I should have plenty. Or at least enough for Dad to start preparing the ones he’d like to send to overseas friends and family. The beauty of starting so early is that I can take my time, have a play with different ideas – and not feel rushed.

On Friday, a workmate asked if I could make a card for her. One of her friends is getting married, and she wanted a nice card that was unique. Sure, I said. I’ll make up a couple for you, and on Monday you can pick which one you’d like.

I consulted my idea books, catalogues and magazines. I searched the Internets for bridal imagery. I picked paper flowers, a quote, and then sat down to put it all together.

Do you think I could make the damn card? My muse had gone AWOL. I went back to the Internets for more ideas. I dug out my box of previously made cards for inspiration. All I found was sheer frustration! By this stage, all my craft bits and pieces had exploded all over the dining and living rooms, and the kitchen was under threat. And still, no card.

Imagine, if you will, a crazed crafter running around the house after three hours, rifling through various bits and pieces, constantly exclaiming “I can’t do this under pressure!” and you have a fairly accurate image of me this time yesterday afternoon.

Until I spied a piece of paper that I’ve been saving for another project. I grabbed it, examined it, and figured out that I could skim a bit off it and still have enough for the original project. Perfect!

From that one piece of paper, came this:

I grabbed a piece of white cardstock, and trimmed down a bit of my black and white baroque paper. Stuck the two together, grabbed a bit of ribbon, tied a knot, glued it to the back of the cardstock, then placed the whole lot on an A5 sized pearl card. Add a black paper flower with a crystal brad, raised off the card with foam squares, followed by a quick stamp, and voila! I just need to print up a verse for the inside of the card.

Hopefully my workmate isn’t disappointed when I turn up tomorrow with a solitary card. I had enough trouble doing this one, and I doubt I’d be able to do another one I’d be happy with before the end of the weekend!


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