Posted by: k | September 2, 2008

Shudder. Me, not the car.

I was driving home from work today, and stopped at a set of lights, when I had one of those feelings. You know the feeling when you just know someone is watching you?

I wasn’t alone in the car – I was dropping off a colleague – and I could feel someone staring at me from the car in the next lane. As I was talking to my friend, I just happened to glance ever so briefly over to the next car, and the guy wiggled his eyebrows at me in the “Hey, good lookin” manner.

And I shuddered. Because this guy was grotty, dirty looking, wearing a high-visibility shirt, and he would have been mid-30’s. Waggling his eyebrows at me! EW!

As soon as the lights changed, I was outta there!

Now I have an extra reason to take the highway home!


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