Posted by: k | September 1, 2008

Day 1

I was pondering what I could discuss today, the first day of September NaBloPoMo. A joke? Nah, too simple. A story? Boring. Something that made me laugh? I couldn’t think of anything exciting enough to share.

And then I remembered, it’s the 1st of September. The first day of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. My light bulb moment arrived – I can say “Ha!” to Winter! So long! Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out…

This winter has been the coldest in 8 years, they’re reporting. Which would explain the general reluctance when it comes to getting out of bed, grumpiness and aversion to leg hair removal. Oh, and the ice on my car. I’m quite proud of my ice rant.

So today, I poke out my tongue at winter past, and look forward to days where the sun will warm your skin, where the sun will still be in the sky when departing the office, and when it just won’t be so damn cold!


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