Posted by: k | August 31, 2008

Bridal Bombshell

Family and friends have been informed, so I guess it is now time to inform the internets.

I am NOT getting married next year.

Shocked? Yeah, me too.

Don’t worry, Matt and I are still very much together. We’ve just done a bit of soul-searching, a bit of talking, and decided that next year wouldn’t be a good year for us to get married.

When we picked September 2009, we assumed all of the following:

– We would be in a house of our own, and would be living alone together for at least 12 months before the big day.
– We would be debt free (as much as possible) and have savings.
– We would be ready!!!
– The wedding would be cheap.

Obviously, we have yet to achieve all of the above, and let’s be honest, “cheap” and “wedding” are very rarely used in a sentence together, because having a wedding just isn’t cheap.

I know this is the best decision for us. There’s no need to rush into anything, because as anyone will tell you, if it’s right, then why rush?

So, the wedding has officially been pushed back until September 2010.
And when the big day finally does roll around, I know I’ll have the full support of my parents and family friends – who have been against the whole thing from the word go.

Tomorrow brings the first day of Spring (THANK THE LORD!), and also the first day of my self-imposed September NaBloPoMo, the theme of which is “Ha!”
I am going to celebrate the beginning of the second-best season by indulging in some winter fuzz-removal and a much needed pedicure. Whee!



  1. i think you are very smart if you are not ‘ready’ darl …
    you don’t have to follow a timeline for when things are supposed tgo happen with a relationship – and the fact that you guys talked about it and made a decision based on common sense is testiment that you are open and honest with each other.

    and don’t get caught up with the ‘cost’ of a wedding – a couple of years ago i had two neices get married – one paid $45,000 for her wedding – the other $3000 – and they both had the same joy out of the day … it is not about what you spend – but about the start of you two spending your life together
    (ok -i’ll get off my soap box now LOL)

  2. Hey, I think it’s a good idea – and just proves how much you and Matt are serious about this thing called marriage! Take whatever time you both need – nobody’s rushing into anything. I agree that you should get married when you can afford it – it’s a really expensive thing and the last thing you want is financial issues pooping all over what’s supposed to be one of the best days in your lives! 😀

    (so elegently said)

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