Posted by: k | August 16, 2008

Nine Days of Nothingness.

About a month ago I applied for some time off work. I wasn’t holding out much hope for getting any time off, but I thought I’d have a crack at it anyway. A few weeks ago, my leave was approved!

The past few months I’ve felt myself getting frazzled over minor things, and not focusing as much as I should. It hasn’t helped that my Sinuses From Hell have returned, and I’m experiencing another one of those constant headaches (two weeks now!) that are dull enough so you can keep functioning, but is still strong enough to annoy the crap out of you.

I’ve been counting down for the past three weeks, and now my mini-holiday is here! I have nine fantastic days all to myself. I’m not going anywhere, just staying at home, but I’ve been compiling a list of what I’d like to get done while I have the time:

– Clean out my car. At the moment my car is a rolling shoe rack. I counted 5 pairs of shoes on my backseat! Other items include a feather boa, a jacket, and replacement wipers.
– Organise my clothes. My wardrobe is an open unit consisting of two separate hanging spaces and 12 square cubicles. Matt has one lot of hanging space and 3 cubicles. The rest is mine. And it’s messy. So messy I can’t see what I have, because although all my clothes started out folded neatly, as I’ve grabbed things, all the clothes in their respective cubicles have merged into one big rolled up ball of various fabrics. Bad.
– Declutter the rest of my bedroom, including the rolling storage containers under my bed which I’m sure are full of stuff I’m too scared to throw out.
– Shop for lunches, and cook up several different things and freeze for lazy workdays.
– Do some more work on at least one of my scrapbooking projects. I’ve got three on the go at the moment: my school formal, Christmas 2007 and our trip to Hervey Bay.
– Spend some quality time hanging out with my Dad. Mum and I do stuff quite a bit, mainly breakfast on Saturday mornings and going to the gym together, but Dad and I almost never do anything.
– Sleep. Sleep. SLEEP!

I’m sure other things will come up, but that list is stuff that I will make sure gets done!



  1. ohh – enjoy !!!!

    i go for a job interview on mon – the place i’ve been working at for 7 months – i told them if i get it – i want a holiday !!!!
    so i’ll start my first week having 4 days off to do … STUFF !!!

  2. Declutter Links…

    Tagged your site as declutter at iLinkShare!…

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