Posted by: k | August 13, 2008

Love & Hate Wednesday.

Love: That I didn’t have to go to work today.
Hate: That I still woke up every time I rolled over last night.

Love: The baby barnyard animals down at the shopping centre today.
Hate: The fact that feral children outnumbered cute fuzzy animals approx 3:1.

Love: The new pair of black jeans I bought today – one size smaller!
Hate: I have so many damn clothes that they’re all shoved on shelves and I can’t see everything I’ve got.

Love:  My Britney Spears perfume (that doesn’t make me smell trashy!)
Hate: That it wears off so quickly Matt said today “Why don’t you wear perfume anymore?”

Love: That my car is nearly painted! Almost purple!
Hate: That the inside of it is disgustingly dusty, dirty, and full of shoes, but I can’t be bothered cleaning it out.

Love: My week off work is next week!
Hate: Two working days to go…


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