Posted by: k | August 10, 2008

The one where I get crafty.

I consider myself to be quite crafty. Not crafty as in shifty… but crafty as in creative.

I’m into scrapbooking big time. Lately I’ve also been enjoying cardmaking and a few other bits and pieces, like stamping.

My latest obsession though? Candle making.

Here are a few of the candles I’ve churned out over the past couple of weeks:

Angel fragrance, Sex on the Beach, Lime Cooler & Chocolate Fudge!

From l-r: Angel fragrance, Sex on the Beach, Lime Cooler & Chocolate Fudge!

There are almost as many colours and fragrances as you can imagine! I made the chocolate fudge candle last night, and the fragrance was so strong the whole house smelled like chocolate! How real does it look? I waited until it was half set and then I sprinkled some wax flakes over the top to look a bit like coconut sprinkles.

You can use just about any container you fancy – for example the chocolate fudge candle is in a glass ice-cream dish – but for now I’m mainly sicking to glass tealight holders and jars. That said, I’ve got a lot to keep me going for awhile, I just bought 5kg of wax along with wicks, fragrances and dyes!

I can still smell chocolate fudge. Which is better than eating real chocolate, I guess. I made some vanilla candles this afternoon that smelt so good they had my stomach churning.

So who wants some fudge?



  1. oh Kelly these are AWESOME !!!
    that fudge one looks just like a desert !!!

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