Posted by: k | August 6, 2008


I wasn’t going to write about this, but I’ve decided to make myself accountable and get it out there.

Some of you may remember that this time last year I was losing weight – at quite a decent pace. Then some stuff happened that I let get in my way – death in the family, job issues, and the final straw, my ankle injury – and I let it all get to me, and all the hard work I put in went out the window. I put all the weight back on – and then some. I felt like crap, but at the same time used all of those things as excuses not to get back into it. I tore the ligaments in my ankle back in late December, and ended up using that as an excuse not to get back on the wagon for nearly six months!

In May, I bought myself a set of digital scales. I got on them, and I cried. I literally stood there and cried. Because the number looking back at me was the highest number I’ve ever seen. It felt terrible, and it was then – finally – that I thought “No more excuses”. I went back to the gym and handed over $300 for 10 personal training sessions, because I knew that if I didn’t pay for them in advance, I wouldn’t do it.

Tonight, I had my 10th session. I’ve gone from not going to the gym at all to going 5 days a week – 3 days after work and both Saturday and Sunday. I’ve started eating food I never even contemplated: cereal, porridge, salad, extra vegetables. I stopped eating so much junk. No more takeaway, or quick meals that just “fill the hole”. I’ve also cut back on the amount of soft drink I used to have – I used to drink a 1.25L bottle of Coke a day, and now I just have one can of Coke Zero with my lunch. That’s it!

The result of all this? Ten weeks later, I am 5.3kg lighter.

It’s taken a lot of hard work, suffering, bitching, and downright stubbornness, but I’m lighter. I have more energy. I am fitter – I don’t gasp for air when I walk from my car to the office building. I have muscle, which is still disguised by that extra layer of flubber that I’m still carrying, but trust me, there’s muscle.

I need to say this, not because I’m happy that I let myself go, but because I need to be able to look back and say “Hey, I did it” or “I need to keep going… I felt like crap getting started, but look how far I’ve come!”

I’ve lost 5.3kg. It gets harder every time I regain it and try to get it off again. This is my third try getting to the 10kg+ mark – and it’s getting harder every time. It doesn’t want to budge! But I am going to make it.

The next goal for me is to lose another 1.4kg, which will get me down into the next decade! I AM doing it!

I just need to stay stubborn.



  1. you go girl
    i’m trying to get ‘back on track’
    have had two good days … and started aerobics classes once a week ..
    its a hard slog

  2. You go sweetie! I jumped on the scales and I have managed to almost regain the 10 kilos I lost two years ago. It took me 2 months of hard work to lose it dammit!

    I am hiring a treadmill on Monday (MPS was supposed to do it on Friday but ‘forgot’ yeah right) and will hate every second on it, but I need to do it.

    We can fight this together girl!

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