Posted by: k | July 31, 2008


I hate winter.


Winter means cold, cold means miserable, miserable means wanting comfort, and comfort is usually something easily found in the fridge. Or cupboard. I feel like I’m constantly hungry, and although I’m not, that urge to eat something to warm yourself up is oh so tempting. But I am resisting…

I went to leave for work this morning, and there was ice – yes, ICE, on my car. ICE! On my car! Frozen water!!!

I live in Brisbane – generally¬†regarded as a sub-tropical region. We don’t get cold weather. The worst we get is a couple of weeks of 20-odd degree days, and that’s it. This winter, so far, has been FREEZING.

Hence the ICE on my car! ICE!
(I’m really sorry, I just can’t get over it. I’m that cold.)

The nights have been really cold for a few weeks, which I have no problem with. I mean, I do have a walking, talking foot warmer, after all. But even during the day, it’s just ridiculous. There is no heat in the sun at all. The slightest breeze, and you feel like you’re frozen down to the bones. Getting up from my desk to walk any short distance is now referred to as “defrosting”.

I’m now fairly certain that the reason my ankle is causing me so much grief is due to the weather. It hasn’t been this sore since I was on crutches. And I’m fitter than I was 7 months ago, so it should be stronger. Eh.

I’ve never been a fan of colder weather. My excuse is that I was born in the middle of summer, a stinking hot Australian summer, and that’s just the way I like it.
(Ask my mum – she mowed the lawn in 36 degree heat the day I was due, and hey, I wasn’t ready yet! Can’t rush a woman…)

It does make me wonder, though, that if this winter is so damn cold, does that mean we’re in for an extra-hot summer? Because although I like it hot, I’d rather not melt the second I’m out of air-conditioning, thanks.

I’ve gone an extra shade of pale, too. I almost feel as if I’m transparent. I’m sure the platinum blonde hair is adding to this feeling… but seriously. Last summer I managed to get myself a “quasi-tan”, as in, I managed to darken one shade, so I didn’t look deathly ill. And it’s gone.

Maybe it’s covered in ICE, like my car.

There’s another month of this crap until it’s officially “Spring”. Come and thaw me out in a month, okay?



  1. Haha imagine how I am feeling! I just got back the other day from a week-long holiday in sunny Thailand!! I’m REALLY feeling the cold!

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