Posted by: k | July 28, 2008

Operation: Ma$$ive Bling

I don’t know if anyone noticed the recent blog re-vamp, but I felt like a change. I’m also working on updating my uber neglected ‘100 Things’ list, because I took it down to fix it up, lost the saved file, and gave up. I’m back up to 49 things, so another 51 and it’ll be done! I just need to think of some more stuff. If anyone can think of anything blatantly obvious about me that I’ve missed, let me know.

Speaking of missions, I started a new one… *dramatic music* …Operation Ma$$ive Bling. Because my jewelery has been spread out from go to wo and I was sick of losing stuff!

On a random shopping trip a month or so ago, I saw an earring organiser that I just had to have. Unfortunately, they were out of stock, and they refused to sell me the display. I was mucho disappointo. But yesterday, I was out on another random shopping trip, and saw another branch of the store that had my earring organiser. They didn’t have any of my organisers in boxes, but they were willing to sell me the display. Yay!

So, one earring organiser + 50 pairs of earrings (!) + one Kelly later = this:

What’s even more shocking is that I know I still have a few more pairs of earrings floating around somewhere… including a pair that Matt bought me for my birthday (oops). Also, there’s a jewelery party at work on Wednesday, and I found another 3-4 pairs I’d like!

That one little benchtop is organised, now it’s just the rest of my bedroom that needs organising. I have a week off work coming up next month so I’m going to take that time to declutter everything in sight!

My next post will feature something creative, handmade, and unique. Curious? You’ll find out soon enough!



  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

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