Posted by: k | July 22, 2008

Grocery Wars.

After going to the gym again tonight, I went down to the supermarket to pick up some groceries for lunches. On the list was some meat, cream cheese, fruit bars and some frozen meals.

As we walked through the meat department, a couple of security guards walked towards the staff entrance, holding a guy – a shoplifter – by the arm. They paused for a split second before heading inside, to make sure they had the items he was trying to get away with.

Mum said that she saw what the guy was trying to take – some meat and simple groceries.

I think it’s absolutely disgusting that groceries in this country are so overpriced that people are thinking the only way they can feed themselves is to steal food. Of course, food prices aren’t helped by the fact that we have two major supermarkets with no competition, and they can charge whatever they damn well please as well as pay the farmers a pittance. Corporate greed in its finest hour.

I just find it really upsetting, that people are having this moral dilemma where they can’t afford basic food items to eat, and they resort to trying to steal it. It’s not just that, either. More and more families are going to charities for help, as Mum has noticed the past few months at the Salvos. People that have never needed assistance before are scratching to try and make ends meet – and are failing.

It makes me wonder how the hell Matt and I are going to survive when we move, considering we’ll be renting, and also paying off a car, let alone trying to eat. Oh, and trying to pay for a wedding on top of all that. And maybe a two week honeymoon in Fiji. (A girl can dream, right?)

It’s all very disturbing, really. In my current state of mind a lot of things are upsetting me – things that I could normally brush off without a second thought – and this trip to the supermarket tonight was no exception.


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