Posted by: k | July 20, 2008

People do things…

I ran into an old friend the other night. I used to work with her, and it made the shifts go faster, she was that much fun to work with! This was back when I was still working in retail…

Anyway, this friend of mine (we’ll call her ‘L’) mentioned a recent event involving a mutual friend of ours that left me stunned.

This friend is about a year older than myself. She’s very quiet, very introverted, and she does her own thing. We get along pretty well, although sometimes it was obvious we had different interests, which is fine, of course! We’re both into scrapbooking, but somehow we’ve never shared our albums. Over the past few years, as you do with people you know, you form a list of sorts in your head, of things you would expect that person to do. This friend, I imagine her shopping, playing with puppies and kittens…
(Should I say here that my friend never seemed fazed by the fact she hadn’t had a boyfriend. She seemed more interested in everything else going on around her.)

Which is why I was so gobsmacked when L told me this friend had taken off with L’s partner of about 10 years.

L and our friend were quite close, hanging out together at each other’s places, going to Keith Urban concerts and the like. L’s explanation of what happened was: “We always hung out at my place watching movies, and then he decided he’d fallen in love with her, and they decided they’d rather watch movies together. It’s made work quite awkward…”
(L and our mutual friend still work together at the same place I used to.)

Now, I know, at this stage I only have one side of the story. But I have to say, this is never something I would have expected of my friend. First of all, it’s a turd act, stealing someone’s boyfriend, even if you don’t know the person they’ve cheated on. It’s even worse when it’s a friend. Secondly, this might sound a bit wrong, but if I had’ve been asked to come up with a list of people who might have done this – my friend wouldn’t have even rated a thought.

It makes me wonder about a lot of other people out there. Has anyone else experienced something like this – hearing that someone you know has done something you’d never have thought them capable of?

I’ve been in shock all weekend. So has Matt, actually.

(PS. I’m sorry about my recent absence, I’ve had some stuff going on, but nothing I’d feel comfortable blogging about… maybe soon I’ll be able to elaborate a bit more!)



  1. I’ve been missing your blogs, sweetie!

    I think that’s absolutely horrendous… i could never work with the girl! I dont think I could even lay eyes on her! Some friend!

  2. Yikes that sounds awful. 😦

    And I hope you are okay!

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