Posted by: k | July 11, 2008

Simulated life

Last weekend Matt dusted off his PS2 – and I dusted off one of my games: The Sims Bustin’ Out.

I admit it. I love the Sims. I can’t really tell you why. Maybe because I’m a control freak?

Think about it, though. You are in total control of your Sim. You can order them around! Send them to work, clean the house, take showers (or not). Heck, you can even make them commit suicide. Although why you’d want to do that…

As a Sim, you make no decisions of your own. Everything is the result of a mouse-click. (Or the x-button, in this case.) It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? It reminds me somewhat of being a kid again. No dramas. Money was only needed for cheap toys and lollies, boys had cooties, and the parentals were in charge. Ignorance is bliss.

It got me thinking…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have that total carefree feeling back? No needing to worry about working to put food on the table, keeping a roof over your head, and bills paid.

All you’d have to deal with is that massive white arrow constantly hovering over your head, instructing you to do things like “Go to Work”, “Prepare dinner”, “Use toilet”, “Flush”, and others.

I could handle that.

(This post brought to you by exhaustion, overworkedness and general craziness.)



  1. I believe there’s a way to make them think for themselves. I took great delight in watching them make a decision to do something, and force them to do something else when they’re in the middle of their own thing. Hehe. I’m so evil.

  2. I’ve just been sucked in to the Sims 2, and that’s how I spend my evenings now. I am such a nerd!

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