Posted by: k | July 6, 2008

Who’s getting married? Oh, right. Me.

I’m getting married. In like, 15 months. Me. Getting MARRIED.


Can someone please tell me where the past 18 months have gone – you know, when I first got engaged, when I wasn’t quite 19 and it all seemed so far away? Because holy shit, I don’t think I can go much longer without starting to plan this wedding. It seems I’m being constantly reminded of the fact that it’s not that far away – and although I still have that girly, giddy “ohmigod, I’m getting married!!!” feeling, it’s now accompanied by a feeling I can only describe as: “And how the hell are we going to pay for all this?!”

Certain things have already been determined – I have an awesome best friend who is my maid of honour, and who is also going to help me make the invitations, place-cards etc. There’s my mum, who’s going to help with those, as well as helping with the buttonholes, corsages, and maybe even bouquets. And well, that’s about it.

Who’s the best man? I’m marrying him.

We’ll be getting married in a Catholic church, because although neither of us are overly religious, we like the idea of something traditional. (And on a side note, it would make my dad very happy.) I can’t even tell you what church yet – there is a nice one only a couple of streets away, but Matt’s vetoed it becaue he went to school there. Mum and I have spotted a nice church on the way to my work, so very soon Matt and I are going to go have a look and see if it’s a Catholic church. And if it is, I guess we’re booking it!

Then there’s booking the reception venue – which is made slightly easier by the fact that I’ll get a 5% staff discount by having the reception at one of the company venues. I’ve been to a couple of them now, and they’ve all been pretty nice. I guess it will depend what church we end up booking as to where we’ll have the reception.

I have to get my finger out my backside and almost become a permanent resident of my gym, because at the rate I’m losing weight, I’ll be the fattest person at my own wedding. And although people have started saying they can see a difference, I can’t.

That leads to the dress debacle. I want something simple, but elegant. I’m thinking a strapless, floor length gown with some sort of detail at waist height. I did see a nice, simple dress with a purple sash around the waist (love). I haven’t decided about a veil yet – I think I might have one, but nothing too big. And definitely no tiara! Also, should I hire the dress? Why buy a dress you’re only going to wear a few hours? Are there many places left that let you hire?

There’s the theme to think about – what colours? I defintely want purple there in some capacity. But what else? What flowers? What table settings? Who do you sit with who? What food?

What the hell am I getting myself into? I have been telling myself for months that it’s about the life together after the wedding, not the wedding itself – but you watch, in a few months I’ll be going bride-zilla on everybody’s asses!

Rings! There has to be rings, and that’s an issue in itself, because Matt wants a gold wedding band, but I don’t wear yellow gold. I want white gold – fair enough, considering my engagement ring is white gold. How can you have wedding bands that don’t match?! I will prevail! White gold!

Where do you even start when it comes to planning a wedding?

I know Matt was only joking when he mentioned running away and eloping, but holy heck, it would be a lot easier, and probably cheaper too!

I’m having a major mini freak out right now…



  1. It’s nice to be able to do a lot of things yourself to save money. I was married 3 months after I got engaged, so I didn’t have time to do a lot of that stuff. Check out the forums at Indiebride, because they have a lot of great ideas.

    Also, your rings don’t have to match. Mister and I have very different rings – mine is white gold and his is a black finished titanium. Mine matches my e-ring, and his fits his personality. They’re not any less special because they don’t match.

    Have fun with the planning – it’s insanely fun and insane at the same time!

  2. How exciting! (and scary) I can’t help you out with planning or advice since I’m not even engaged yet, but I CAN give you support and encouragement! I haven’t really thought much about dresses, but I know that when I am getting married, I don’t want to waste so much money on something I’m likely to only wear once, but I also don’t want the added pressure of knowing I’ve got to return it in fantastic condition, so I’m looking at buying – but a less dramatic, less expensive dress. Just something simple and pretty. Shop around – there are some really good places that sell for cheaper.

    Good luck! Before you know it, you’ll be waltzing down the aisle…

  3. I agree with Katie – buy but go bargain hunting – -there are loads of cheap places out there! I’m so excited for your planning. And jealous 😛

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