Posted by: k | June 25, 2008

Today in bullet points

# Got to work late because traffic was worse than usual. Apparently every other bastard was running late, although I left on time!
# Ankle was sore all day because of riding the clutch in said traffic.
# Wore my cute (super-high) heels and realised 30 minutes into the day why I hadn’t worn them for awhile…
# Worked.
# Ate the lunch I prepared at 9,30pm last night – and wanted more.
# Did more work.
# Answered my constantly ringing phone amid building frustration.
# Tried not to laugh at the guy on the phone who asked me how to spell “Fitzy’s” – that is, until I hung up.
# Drove home in considerably less time than it took me to drive to work in the morning.
# Went to the gym for the FOURTH DAY IN A FRICKIN ROW – YAY!
# Ate dinner – lemon chicken!
# Went to bed at a fairly respectable hour (as in, as soon as this post is finished.)


# Work.
# Lunch – a farewell meal at the local club for one of the girls who finishes up on Friday – a temp who’s been with the company longer than I have!!
# Work.
# Hairdresser to get my regrowth touched up.
# Dinner. Probably gourmet pizza. It’s next to the hairdressers!
# Bed – and counting my lucky stars that I didn’t have to go to the gym!


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