Posted by: k | June 22, 2008

Alcohol-induced rant.

(No, I’m not drunk.)

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed my attitude towards alcohol drastically changing. I enjoyed the odd drink, never drinking to excess (okay, well maybe just once…), and never having a second thought about it.

But now? I’m over it. Allow me to elaborate.

I’m over how people act when they drink. I don’t need to have someone have a few bevvys and then spend the next 3 to 4 hours talking at me and repeating the same sentences over and over, trying to start an argument. The smell of alcohol on someone’s breath is enough to turn my stomach. As for kissing someone who’s been drinking, well, I don’t consider it overly pleasant.
(Speaking of kissing, I have to get used to this new piercing being in the way – made slightly more awkward at the moment by the fact that the swelling has gone and the bar is sticking out by a mile.)

I don’t like the feeling of everyone drinking around me, and I don’t feel too happy about having a drink ‘just because’. Whether it be ‘just because’ everyone else is doing it, ‘just because’ it’s there, or ‘just because’ summer has come and it’s the right ‘season’ for it.

The only exception to this new-found frustration was Friday night, when I went out with some work colleagues. I really fancied a cocktail, but since I was driving, I couldn’t indulge. So I laughed at all the jokes, and watched everyone else enjoy their Fruit Tingles.

I’m just over alcohol and what it does to people. I know most people are harmless, but it still bugs me. I hate people drinking and then acting stupid. I hate people drinking and then saying things they don’t have the guts to say when they’re sober. And lately, I just hate people drinking altogether.

So what does this mean? That I won’t have another drink? I don’t know. I didn’t drink a lot to start with, so I’m not conditioned to drink lots, even if I wanted to. Two or three drinks and I go to sleep. I can’t even say I’ve ever been drunk – Matt will try and tell you otherwise, because there was this one time I downed a Smirnoff Black in 2 minutes flat and then dissolved into a fit of giggles. Utter stupidity, and even though I was tipsy, I knew it and I felt like a total fool.

I don’t understand why it’s been annoying me so much. If I never saw, smelled, or tasted a drop of alcohol again, I’d be quite happy.

Maybe I should just get over myself?



  1. I have had similar sentiments. There is nothing worse than being trapped with drunks. I still drink myself on occasion though. I think there are many problems associated with alcohol though that people are too quick to overlook due to the widespread social use of alcohol. Good post Kelly.

  2. I have absolutely no tolerance for the behavior of others when they’re drunk, whether they’re happy, talkative, or mad. I don’t mind the occasional drink once in awhile, but I try not to subject anyone to my drunken behavior. Except my husband – he likes to laught at me.

  3. Interesting – I don’t drink often, because seeing other people take it too far is a real turn off. Everything in moderation!

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