Posted by: k | June 9, 2008

The one where Kelly simulates “organised”

Organised – To put together into an orderly, functional, structured whole.

I spent all day cleaning my room. When I wasn’t cleaning, I was running up and down the stairs in the rain doing laundry. Trying to get organised, see.

My desk is now clean, my TV unit is now clean. My carpet is visible now all the crap has been picked off the floor. I retrieved God knows how many pairs of earrings from all over the house, and organised my jewellery so it’s now not only accesible, but simple to put back where I got it, too.

The only thing letting me down at the moment is the stuff that’s still strewn out all over my bed, which consists of a full basket of clean and dry laundry, some magazines, my jewelry boxes, and a garbage bag full of rubbish.

Anyone reading this would think I was a slob. I’m far from it – it’s just incredibly difficult to keep a 3x3m room clean when two people are constantly tripping over themselves and the enormous amout of furniture jammed into said room.

At least I can see surfaces now. For how long is up for discussion.



  1. check out that is where i’m doing my course – but they also have a blog and some cool ideas on there for keeping organised

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