Posted by: k | June 8, 2008

Marilyn, here I come!

Remember just a few days ago, when I said I was contemplating another piercing? Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to do it.
(Sorry, Kathryn!)

I went to my hairdressers yesterday for my nail appointment – yes, I did get hot pink glitter tips, awesome! – and I noticed one of the girls had a new piercing. She explained that she’d broken up with her partner, the father of her 1 year old son, and decided to get her lip pierced for her birthday. Partly because she wanted it, and partly because she knows her ex hates facial piercings. Anyway, it suits her. She has a stud on the right side of her bottom lip.

I fell in love with it, and as soon as Mum realised what I was thinking, she said “I refuse to talk to you about it.” She could see the wheels turning in my head as the afternoon went on.

Although I like the lip piercing, I don’t think I could actually have a bar through my own lip. It would impede all the fun activities, like eating, and kissing, and I can see myself now, chewing on the inside of the bar and stuffing up my teeth. So I thought: “Hey, what sort of thing do I like?” And I remembered that I’ve admired the Monroe piercing on and off for years now.

So I’ve decided to do it! If you haven’t seen a Monroe before, it can also be known as a beauty spot piercing, as its usually a little gem simulating the mole that Marilyn Monroe had – hence the name “Monroe”. It looks a little something like this:







I don’t want a big stud on my face, in fact, the stud in this photo is probably the size I’d want. Yes, I know I mentioned in the last piercing post that I don’t know how it’d go down at work, but I thought about it, and honestly, we don’t deal with people outside of the office. The only reason I’d leave the office during the day would be to go out and buy lunch. I think it should be okay – I don’t want a big stud anyway, and if people protest about it too much, I’ll get a clear stud to wear during work hours once it’s healed.

Mum has said to me that she doesn’t understand why I want it, but if I want it, fair enough, and I’m old enough anyway. Dad however, once he realised what I was talking about, got angry with me… but I know he’ll get over it. He mumbled something along the lines of “tribal shit, why don’t you get a bone through your nose next…” and that was it. Matt is fine with it for his own reasons, which I’ll explain later.

I spent all of last night on Google getting as much info on the Monroe as I could, and ended up on YouTube watching videos of people getting pierced. It looks like a pretty quick process, and only one girl winced as the needle went through. If I’m going to get a facial piercing, I want to know as much as possible about it, and I want it done properly.

For these reasons, I’ve decided not to go back to the place that pierced my ears in February. It seems a bit less than coincidental that four of us got piercings, and four of us ended up with infections. It is going to be very, very tempting to go up there on a lunchbreak and get it done, but I won’t. I had my nose pierced almost 4 years ago at another piercer closer to home, and not only was she fantasic, talking me through it (I was nervous!), but filled me in on all the aftercare, and helped me out when my 2nd ear piercings got infected. I never had any problems with my nose, it healed quickly and painlessly. I’ve decided that I’m going to go back to her for my Monroe. The bonus is, it will also cost me half as much as my ears did.

I had calmed down about it today. I went to the tattoo/piercing studio to ask some questions, but the piercer isn’t in on Sundays, so I’ll need to have a more in-depth talk before getting it done. I had almost forgotten about the urge to get it done, until Mum and I were in line waiting to buy lunch. I saw a girl with a tiny Monroe stud, and I got all excited, pointed it out and squealed. Ha.

I’m really excited about this now! Like I said, it will be very tempting to go out during lunch and do it, but I’ll wait. My best friend is going to come with me and hold my hand, which is only fair, since I held her hand when she got her nose pierced a couple of months ago. I guess I’m just one of these people that once I’ve decided that I’m going to do something, I want to do it NOW!

For the first few weeks, I’m going to be stuck with a bar longer than what I want, which will allow for the swelling and healing process. Once that’s done, I can get the bar shortened, so it sits flush on my lip, and I can get exactly what I want. I’m guessing I’ll end up with a small gem.

I can’t wait! And of course, I’m going to take a photo once it’s done. I think I’ll even do a scrapbook page about it. Scrappers rarely scrapbook about themselves, and I’ve already thought of a title – “Holey-er than thou!”



  1. *sigh* LOL

    actually – that doesn’t look too bad and good on you for doing the research – if you are going to get something like that done – you want it done properly

    and i’d very much like to see your scrapbook page !!

  2. Oh my Gosh … I hope it doesn’t hurt too much!

  3. I reckon it looks cool… but…. how do you think your work’d feel about it?

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