Posted by: k | May 26, 2008

Sickness confirmed

After a weekend of not being able to get out of bed (bar Dad’s birthday lunch), I figured I should call in sick and drag myself down to the doctors.

It’s confirmed, folks. The “Sinus Infection From Hell” has returned. Or maybe it never fully cleared up last time? Don’t know. But it’s painful. Also, not only do I have bad sinuses, but my throat is bad too. Joy. I got a doctor’s certificate for today and tomorrow, so that I can rest up before having to go back to work on Wednesday.
(I had a pretty good sleep last night, which Matt justĀ confirmed by informing me that I snored because I was trying to breathe through my nose. Give a sick woman a break…)

The extra pain came when it was time to pay for my antibiotics. Sixty dollars, people. Considering that 2 months ago I still had a current concession card and would have got the exact same medication for about $10. It’s an expensive business, getting sick. Gah. I’ve got a repeat on them too. They better work the first time!

Oh, and how’s this? When I was paying for my medication, the guy (who’s always there) says to me: “Do you still have that sinus infection?!”

I’m finally getting around to updating some stuff around here, slowly. There’s some stuff on the list that I’ve gotten done, and I’d forgotten all about my 100 things list, so I’m going to update that and put it back up. Once it’s done, I’ll feel better.

I should have some exciting news tomorrow! More later…


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