Posted by: k | May 9, 2008

Thirsty Merc! Live! Thirsty Frickin’ Merc!!!

Just came back from seeing Thirsty Merc live.


You know how some bands sound crap live? Not these guys! I’m so buzzed… that might have something to do with the alcohol consumed also…

We walked out with a t-shirt each, a bumper sticker each – “My other car’s a Thirsty Merc” heh – and Matt got a stubbie holder. And we got autographs on Matt’s shirt and the stubbie holder. Whee! The guys were all really nice too, not stuck-up or acting like pricks. And we got an encore!

Off to bed now because I’ve had 4 drinks and I get extra sleepy after drinking. Cheap drunk, apparently.


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