Posted by: k | May 8, 2008

Flown the coup!

One hour ago, I signed a heap of paperwork, handed over a set of keys, and watched my first car drive away with a stranger at the wheel.

I wasn’t as sad as I thought I’d be about selling it. I’d had it two years, and it had fluctuated wildly between relatively reliable and bonfire material. I was a little sad though, because it was my first car, and I took my driving test in it (and passed, obviously), had my first accident, and a lot of other “happy” memories – like having it break down on the way to work and spending 20 minutes swearing until the air was blue at it until help arrived.

And, amazingly, in those two years, I only drove 8,000km in it. Mainly because Matt hated its guts and refused to get in it most of the time, and because sometimes – okay, most times – it gave me the shits and I didn’t want to be in it any longer than I had to.
(Fond memories of it overheating in a monsoonal downpour are coming back to me here, I’m lucky it was raining or I would have blown it up.)

For the next week or two, I am without a car of my own on the road. It’s amazing, to think of what having those 4 wheels and a fuel tank symbolises. For your childhood and most of your teenage years, you’re so used to being driven around by others, parents, friends etc, and as soon as you get your licence and get into a car of your own, it’s a bit out-there, how liberating it feels. You can go where you want, when you want, without someone else needing to tag along. And when you lose a car, for whatever reason, you just feel… stranded.

I know I’m not stranded – Matt’s driving me to and from work (he started a new job today so I had to give his car back, boo), and I know Mum would be more than willing to drive me anywhere I needed to go, but it’s not the same, you know?

This weekend, the fun begins on my new car. We’re buying 4 new tyres, and some extra paint thinners. Last weekend I bought the paint the car will be sprayed in (metallic purple!!!), primer, sandpaper and the like. And I’m going to be a willing – although probably unwitting – participant in the Kelly-fication of my new car. Sanding it, and heck, I’m probably going to have a go with the spray gun as well! And of course, the whole process will be meticulously documented for everybody’s convenience. Especially mine. Because I want to.

I’m looking forward to having a car that’s newer, very reliable, and undeniably mine. And I’m sure Matt’s looking forward to not having to do all the weekend driving anymore!

(And if anyone ignores a give way sign and hits me in this car, I will not be so placid. I will get out, grab the offending fuckstick – new favourite word, woo! – and rub their face in any dents they’ve caused before demanding money for repairs!)



  1. Hey it must be sagittarius week for getting another car! I am collecting another car next week, handing over the old one to son!

  2. aly finally sold her car this week … or should i say Dad finally sold her car for her !! it was sad to see it go – but she was more happy with $$$ in the bank !!!

  3. You hae lots of good years for your new car . . . and the cash was much needed for me. 😀

    Purple paint!

  4. Aww that’s awesome! I’d be sad to see it go, but it sounds like you’ve got the positives happening too – this new car sounds great! Can’t wait to see photos when you’ve totally finished “doing it up”!

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