Posted by: k | May 5, 2008

Why I don’t do domestic.

Being a long weekend this weekend, and having today off, I decided to act a little housewifey (ick) and do some washing, since we had a basket full.

Mum’s washing machine could be operated by a toddler, it’s that easy to use. You plug it in, chuck the clothes in, mix a little liquid detergent with water, pour it in, and hit start. Hey presto. And in 40 minutes, you can go down and peg everything on the line.

Today, I put the washing on, and went upstairs. Matt went downstairs to see Snuggles, so I followed, assuming that the washing was nearly done.

It was. The machine had drained all the water out, and the water and the soap suds were all over the laundry foor. More than that, actually. The poor dog, who was sleeping in his basket, was wet, and his basket and pillow were soaked too!

How did the water end up all over the floor? Matt bathed Snuggles on Saturday morning, and instead of applying logic to the situation and bathing him around the machine hose in the sink, he took the hose out, and wedged it in the gap between the washing mashine and the sink. When I put the washing on, I never even thought to look for the hose, because it is always in the sink.

I nearly took the blame for it, but hey – I wasn’t the one who took the hose out of the sink! If it had been left where it was, there would have been no soapy flood. The poor dog mustn’t have known what hit him!

From now on, whenever someone has a go at me for not being more domestically inclined, today will be used to plead my case. Perhaps I should take up the all-time most hated chore – ironing. Yuck!



  1. we’ve done that. numerous times. Our laundry is right near our backdoor too, and it only ever does it in the middle of winter when the dogs are at the backdoor.
    I’m not domestic, either.

  2. Oh noes! The bloody washing hose! That’s happened to me too, it’s a bitch!

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