Posted by: k | April 2, 2008


I was going to brag about this yesterday but ohmigod I was so excited I could have wet myself.
(So it’s a good thing I’m 20 and toilet-trained, then.)

I got a new car!!! Here it is:



You are looking at a – no, wait, my – 1999 Daewoo Lanos. Five door hatchback, 5-speed manual, 145000k on the clock. As you can see by the rear bumper, the paintwork needs fixing. The bonnet is far worse, but, because of said paint, I got the car for a third of the price it’s worth. Woo!
(And it will only cost about $250-300 for Matt to respray it… bargain!)

It’s not registered, but that’s cool because I’ve got personalised number plates on the way (a wee splurge for moi!), it needs new tyres and a bit of mechanical work before it’s good to go.

But I can tell you from starting it in the front yard, it’s a great car!

Have a look at the swanky car seat covers that came with it:


I already have car seat covers (dragonflies!) that I’m going to put on, so even though I really like these ones, I’m going to put them on my Charade to help it sell.

Here’s the inside of my new baby:


And here’s a list of things that this car has that my first car didn’t:
– Central locking
– Power steering
– Air conditioning
– Airbags
– CD player
– Intermittent windscreen wipers
– Rear wiper

And, something I discovered this afternoon that totally made my day, no matter how petty:



This car will take some getting used to… it’s a European import, which means the indicators and windscreen wipers are back to front. The indicators are on the left of the steering wheel and the wipers are on the right… and everything is back to front. To indicate left the lever goes down instead of up, and vice versa for indicating right. The wiper lever needs to be lifted up instead of pushed down for the wipers to work.

But YAY! NEW CAR!!! Isn’t it pretty?



  1. ohh those seat covers are so pretty – love them
    you could have brought aly’s car !!! we’re still trying to sell it for her

  2. LOL As I smash my car, you buy a new one.. 😛

    It looks nice – I’d be excited to see the finished result after Matt’s been at it with a .. spray gun? Is that what he uses? lol I have no idea! The seat covers are nice, very impressive. 🙂

  3. Just a question do you still have these seat covers??? and do fit fit every car?? Im looking for black with pink car seat covers and these look perfect.

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