Posted by: k | March 27, 2008

Oozy Lucy

Ears are done! I went and saw my piercer yesterday, and she finally changed my jewellery to some stainless steel sleepers.
(I now have 3 sleepers in each ear and am pretending that I’m hardcore.)

The backs of my ears are currently disgusting. Bruising, blood, and what’s left of the lumps, which were again drained. I have more cream – which I found out is hemarroid cream – to apply for the next week, and then fingers crossed, I should be good.

I should have been charged, and I think she was going to charge me, until my friend (who was in the room) unwittingly piped up with “hey, can you check my piercing?”

And so I was kicked out of the room, because as much as I love my friend, I don’t really want to see her pierced nipple.

So I got a free pair of earrings and a cleanup. Heh.

Said friend is getting transferred to a different department at work, I found out today. Which is awesome for her, but has me feeling a little worried about what’s going to happen to my own department, since we’re losing a member and will be down to 3 people. I’m sad to see my buddy go, cause we have lots of fun during the day, but it’s not like she’s leaving the country. She’s only going to be on the other side of a partition! Things are going to be rearranged once she’s moved, so her desk is up for grabs, which is in a prime location (yay – no people walking past all the time!) but if I get it, I get the busiest phone in the department (boo!).

And that is my Thursday. Oh, I got my nails did. Just a plain white French manicure, which is very plain for me, considering I’m known to get hot pinks, bright blues and the odd neon green on occasion…



  1. i just had my nails did …. for the first time in 23 years (last time i had them done Aly was a baby !!!!) and i have french tips – i feel very glamourous and am making cute tap tap tap noises as i type 😉

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