Posted by: k | March 24, 2008

Me: An Update.

I am crap. Hence the lack of posting. And if you’ve just read (or about to read) the previous post, this also compounds my crapness.

I’ve had a dull migraine for two weeks now, due to yet another sinus infection. Finally got in to see the doctor about it on Saturday. I’ve been given a 7 day course of antibiotics. We’re on day 3 and so far, nothing.
(But all the crying over Floyd in the past hour or so has resulted in a little bit of a runny nose…)

I also explained that for about 8 weeks now I’ve been feeling totally exhausted, despite sleeping 8-9 hours a night. He asked if I was depressed; I said no (but is it bad that I’m reconsidering that answer?), and he’s sending me for a blood test. He seems to think I have glandular fever, and if this is case, nothing can be done about it. Hooray.

Shoot me, please? Then I might feel well-rested.

Mum and I went on a shopping trip on Saturday, which would have been fun had it not been so traumatic. It took me about 25 minutes to find a carpark, in a part of the shopping centre I never knew existed, and then another 25 to get back onto the main road to get home afterwards. We even got lost trying to find the car!

In between that, though, we did girly stuff. I did something that all women should do, but not what Katie did – I went and got fitted for a bra. Statistics show that something like 95% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. So that was the first thing Mum and I did – and no surprises here – we were both wearing the wrong sizes, but only just. Mum was wearing a cup size smaller than she needed to, but had the under bust measurement right, and I had the right cup size (how rude!) but the wrong measurement underneath.

I was paranoid about getting fitted, because I am rather large chested.
(Let’s be honest, I’m all friggin’ boobs no matter what I wear. It’s quite annoying when you’re trying to cover up for work etc.)
I had a feeling I needed to go up a size around the strap, but I was mortified of them saying: “Well, you’re actually an E cup” – because at that point I would have thrown myself on the floor and treated the Myer fitting rooms wti a tantrum a toddler would be proud of.

But no tantrum. Just new bras. Comfortable ones! And pretty ones!
I hate buying bras. I used to love it when I was smaller in the bust, becuase I could just walk in, pick up a really pretty one off the rack and walk out. But as soon as you’re a D cup, you’re heading into Nana territory. I have had so much trouble trying to find something pretty – not even anything racy – just something that doesn’t look like a cow-catcher. And once you’re above a D cup, well, forget it.

I got one bra from Myer, and three from a lingerie store, and although they’re all really comfortable and pretty, my purse is screaming “Where the hell did that $200 just go?!?!”

Apart from all the bras, we had lunch (Chinese!) and walked battled our way through the Easter crowds.

I’m now going to take my headachey, tear-stained, stuffy-nosed, exhausted self to bed – at least comfortable in the knowledge that my boobs look shit-hot in this $50 bra.



  1. Yay, new bras! I’ve always wanted to get fitted but never found the time. I’m probably wearing the wrong size, but meh, I’ll deal. I love buying new bras, but they can get so pricey!

  2. I got fitted about six weeks ago, for the first time.
    I honestly had no idea my boobs could look so good in a bra before. And I am now exploiting them, ever so slightly.

    HOORAY for having AWESOME knockers!

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