Posted by: k | March 21, 2008

Telepathetic, or not?

One of the ladies who’s temping with us at work at the moment is really into numerology and dream interpreting, I discovered yesterday. I also found out that she has some psychic tendencies.

We were working away when she mentioned that people with a 7 in their birthdates (day or month only) have really good intuition, as do people born on certain days of the month. One of the dates she said was the 16th.

I turned around and said “Hey, Matt was born on the 16th!”

So I gave her Matt’s full date of birth, and based on that alone, she came up with the following:

– He has premonitions/feelings when things are about to happen.
–The day Matt’s dad passed away, he woke up that morning, and in his words, he says he just felt “black”. He was supposed to go out with his dad that day, but he didn’t, and he had this terrible feeling something was going to happen. Several hours later, the police were on their doorstep saying that his dad had passed away.
— A couple of months ago he said he had a feeling that his mum was going to get sick. She’s pretty sick at the moment, blood pressure problems and the like.
—  He randomly got this phone number stuck in his head once, and then he decided to change jobs. He was looking at jobs online, applied for and got a new job, then realised about a month later that the random number in his head was actually the phone number for his new work!
– He is happiest when he is wearing 3 or more colours.
— Matt’s Cowboys shirt (his footy team) is navy blue, white and yellow. And he wears it Non. Stop. He’s worn it to death in the 9 months he’s had it and it’s still in as new condition. He loves that damn shirt.
– He has bad experiences when he wears the colour green.
— Matt reckons he had a green shirt once, and things went to shit whenever he wore it. He doesn’t have anything green now.
– He works in the electronics/electrical industry.
— Matt works for a wholesale electrical company, which I haven’t mentioned to this woman at all.
She also said that it’s a good field for him and he’ll end up in management.

And the most shocking one of all:
– Matt has a sibling that passed away.
— Matt told me awhile ago that before his eldest brother was born, his mum gave birth to a stillborn baby boy. I’ve never told anyone about this, and Matt’s only mentioned it once.


I was telling Matt about this last night, and he had this skeptical look on his face to start with, until I said she mentioned his premonitions, and his brother. Then he was like “holy shit!”
Keep in mind that this woman knows nothing about Matt, and she told me all of this from his birthdate alone.

I know there’s a lot of frauds out there, but this was spot on. Another one of my workmates gave this woman her husband’s date of birth, and she got a lot of correct info on him, too!

Just for kicks afterwards, I told her that whenever my left eye twitches, someone close passes away. This has happened to me when my granddad, great uncle, neighbour, and grandmother passed away. I gave her my birthdate and she said that I have a very good combination… that I’ve had a great disappointment in my life, that it takes a lot for me to cry, that a lot of people think I’m delicate but I’m very tough on the inside, and if I want something very, very badly, it happens. All true.

My eye twitching perplexed her though – apparently when a woman’s left eye twitches, it symbolises something good is about to happen, and when her right eye twitches, it symbolises something bad is about to happen. She didn’t understand how my left eye twitched whenever someone passed away, until I told her that I’m left handed and do just about everything in reverse, to which she said “ah, that explains it.”



  1. wooo freaky!
    I was born on the 16th, too! maybe I am.. “connected” somehow.

    It’s weird when people can do that though… mum and I went and saw John Edward, the important psychic guy who talks to dead people, last year, and that was … weird. Like, you felt comfortable when it was all happening around you, but… you still knew something was going on..

  2. I’m a skeptic. Reading your post, I’m thinking that somehow she knew more about Matt, or you might have done something to indicate that she was on the right track… Some of the stuff she said was rather general too. I mean, for the electronic/electrical industry – that covers a LOT of jobs that males have.

    How she knew about Matt’s brother is intriguing, but I’m still a skeptic. 😛

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