Posted by: k | March 16, 2008


I finally got my act together with my Hervey Bay pics. The best of the best I uploaded to Flickr – over here.

As for the rest of my week, nothing overly exciting happened. I picked up some scrapbooking supplies so I can start on my Hervey Bay album. I’ve gotten 4 pages done so far. Now I have three albums on the go – Christmas ’07, Hervey Bay and my school formal one which I’m redoing.

I have the official go-ahead to look for and buy my next car. Today was spent car shopping. Wahoo! The best time to look at caryards is when nobody’s there, and you don’t have the stupid salesmen trying to shove a car down your throat. Matt and I traipsed around quite a few yards, and we found one that we both like, and a couple that we would give a closer look. I’m not going to buy the first car I see, because there’s no rush. I’ve still got Matt’s car for the time being, so as long as he still has the work ute, we’re all good.

Speaking of cars, well, mine, you know, the one I need to sell? Yeah, it’s still causing problems. The paint has been cracked in places from the time I bought it. A little on the bonnet, the roof, and the driver’s door. I bought a couple of cans of white paint, primer and some other things to touch up the paintwork. Matt went up to his Mum’s place to get started on it… and in the two weeks it’s been sitting in the backyard, the paintwork has gone to shit. Instead of touching up bits and pieces, now Matt has to sand back the whole bonnet and roof, and repaint the whole lot! Bloody thing…

I’m now off to goo and gah over pictures of Matt when he was little. He told me he didn’t have any photos, but he’s just filled up the photo album I gave him, and there’s heaps! There’s this one where he’s kinda chubby, it’s so cute… and weird because “chubby” has never been a word you’d use to describe Matt. Hee!



  1. I am STILL trying to sell my car back home, dad hasn’t had any luck except for stupid dealers offering dismal amounts. Want it? 😀

  2. OOO! I had a look at your photos!
    Very pretty.

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