Posted by: k | March 10, 2008

I has returned.

Well, I’m back. With 140 photos, to prove that yes, I actually went somewhere!

I got back just after 3pm yesterday, actually, so exhausted it was quite the effort to continue blinking.

I’m also slightly crispy, not enough to be painful, but enough to feel like my shirt is going to ignite.

I’m not going to bore you with all the tiny little details (which I could quite easily do because it was the Best! Weekend! Ever!), but here are a few highlights:

# Getting a picture of the Big Pineapple at Gympie, while we waited for Matt’s speeding ticket.
(To clarify, he wasn’t driving erratically, he just didn’t see the 60kph sign, and got busted doing 75kph… so we have a $150 pineapple photo. Matt wants to frame it alongside the ticket.)
# Eating at the restaurant in the motor inn complex, and having Moreton Bay Bugs (you’ll have to Google, but they’re kinda like lobsters!), stuffed mushrooms, the BEST STEAKS EVER and cocktails!
# Going out to a club and having a biker in his mid-50’s try and pick me up 2 minutes after Matt went to play a game of pool. (Yes, I got away. I was with a guy – Matt’s auntie’s partner – who very politely told said biker to bugger off. Matt hasn’t forgiven himself…)
# Walking along the beach, jumping in the puddles at low tide and collecting shells and coral.
# Seeing Matt’s cousin get married – and picking up ideas for our own wedding.
# Getting nice, NEW photos of Matt & I together!!!
# Walking along the Urangan Pier, taking photos, and estimating that it’s well over 1km long.
# Eating lunch on the way home, and being so full I needed to unbutton my jeans.
# Seeing an adult store in Gympie called “The G-Spot”. Yes, I’m serious!

Will share more later, but I’m still incredibly tired. I’m so tired I cried on the way to work this morning, not because I didn’t want to go, but I just knew I didn’t have the energy to make it through the day. So I’m off to bed.

Here’s a couple of pictures for you: the now infamous pineapple and my favourite pic of Matt and I at the wedding.




  1. What a weekend – and an expensive picture !!!

    Love your dress Kel, you look beautiful. I Miss our chats!

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