Posted by: k | February 29, 2008

The leap day of the leap year.

I never used to think that the leap year was that cool. February gets an extra day – so what? As my Mum said once, there are plenty of months in the year that have 31 days, it would be easier to pinch two of them and give them to February, then February would have 30 days. What’s with the 28-day month anyway?

This time around though, I was intrigued. Especially when I heard that it’s the ‘accepted’ day for a woman to propose to her man.

Is that sexist or what? We’re supposed to wait for the commitment-phobe species for 4 years, and that one day we’re allowed to pop the question? Puh-leaze.

My Mum proposed to my Dad, and I know damn well it wasn’t on Feburary 29, because they got married on February 18, 1984 – and 1984 was a leap year! (If you have trouble calculating it, think of every year the Olympics has been held since WWII ended – every single one is held during a leap year.)

Her proposal consisted of the following statement: “So are we gonna get married, or what? If I’m good enough to live with, I’m good enough to marry.”

And they’ve been happily married for 24 years. I can also tell you they met over a bowl of peanuts in January 1983, a week after my Dad arrived in Australia. Mum had a lot of Welsh friends, and Dad being Welsh, joined the crowd when he flew over. Isn’t that sweet?

I don’t think you should have to wait for that one day in every 4 years to demand commitment. Hell, it was spoken about so often on TV that he would know it was coming! Surprise him! And then make him buy you some serious bling.

Mind you, I can’t talk from experience or anything. Matt was the one that started dragging me around to different jewellers to look in the window. (Awwwwww. Are you feeling sick? One of my friends at work reckons my relationship makes her sick. Maybe cause she’s single.)

Oh, yeah, and I posted today. I won’t get another opportunity to do this for another 4 years!



  1. Is it bad that I didn’t even notice it was a leap year until everyone started blogging about it? I was able to post on the leap day (although I didn’t know it was a leap day!) It’s pretty interesting about the women proposing to the men on the 29th Feb.

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