Posted by: k | February 28, 2008

Due for holeyness

So, it’s been nearly a month since I got my 4th piercing – run down is here – and I must admit, I’m a bit paranoid. I’ve found a few bits of dried blood behind my ears, so today I decided to go up and see the piercer at lunchtime.

Apparently, my ears are perfect, despite me finding a bit of blood and other gunk.

It seems that piercings are affected by what time of the month it is for us ladies. So when she asked me if I was due, I said no, of course, since I haven’t had a period for over a year – since I’m on Depo (is this TMI) – and she reckons that even though I don’t actually have a period, there’s still that time of the month that makes my piercings go funny. To which I said “well, I don’t know what time that is, because I haven’t had one for so long!” – to which one of my work buddies responded: “well, now, obviously.”

And that is why my ears are fine, despite me finding blood and pus. Lovely.


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