Posted by: k | February 23, 2008

Blue, lilac and a shock of pink!

I went out with my Mum this morning, for our usual bill-paying slash breakfast slash girl-time.

I can’t remember how we got on to the topic – it might have been after talking about going to Matt’s cousin’s wedding in 2 weeks – but we ended up talking about my wedding. Which will be 18 months away on the 12th of March (which is our 2 year anniversary). Talking about my wedding in general with my Mum is huge, because she’s totally against me marrying Matt. Oh, I’m such a rebel.

But, the wedding was discussed, and the conversation was positive. Cue the shock of pink, because I was definitely not expecting this!

Mum said that she’d been thinking about what she was going to wear, and she was thinking about either a pale blue or lilac. (I should mention here that at any previous mention of the wedding, Mum has said she’d turn up in black, to mourn.) I said these were the colours I was thinking about using, since blue is Matt’s favourite colour and purple is mine. I also asked if she’d be willing to help me make the corsages, since she made the ones for her brother’s wedding years ago, and she said yes! And she said she’d help me make the invites too. The bonus here is that my BFF is a graphic designer in training, and by the time the wedding rolls around, she’ll be fully qualified. She’s offered to help me too!

Then we got onto the topic of bridesmaids, and Mum asked if I was going to ask my BFF. I said I was actually going to ask her to be maid of honour, but she doesn’t know yet. I’ve given her a hint, though – months ago she was showing me the dress she wore to her Year 12 formal, and I said “well, you could wear that to my wedding, but I’ve got other plans for you.” So at the moment, I have a maid of honour, but no bridesmaids…

Hey, all you married girls out there, is it normal to have an “OHMIGOD, I’m actually getting married!” moment? Because it sounds stupid, but it’s only just starting to sink in, despite the fact I’ve been engaged for 14 months!

I’m starting to picture bits and pieces of it – I’m pretty sure we’re going with a traditional church wedding, probably just close family and friends, and a damn good party afterwards! As for the honeymoon, who knows…

All this wedding talk is making me feel woozy…



  1. The moment is normal. I had one when we finally reserved the hall.

  2. Oh, you realise I am inviting myself to your wedding, right? 😛

    It’s normal to have moments like that – you’ll have many more in the coming months! It’s exciting to think about it! 🙂

  3. It IS exciting… I am so excited for you, since my own one is nowhere in sight. I’m glad your mum was being positive about it, that’s gotta be exciting just by itself. OMG. I totally want to come, too. 😀

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