Posted by: k | February 21, 2008

The weekend to come.

I had great intentions of writing a witty post, but… it ain’t gonna happen.

Although, I went shopping, and bought an armband for an iPod Shuffle I’ve been wanting for ages. Except both stores I went to were sold out of Shuffles. So I have an armband, but no iPod. Practical!

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but last week I moved to my proper desk at work, and the hotels were split up. I work in the Accounts Payable department for a massive Aussie company, and they own just under 100 hotels, pubs and clubs. And I now have 22 of my own to look after. Woohoo! I’ve been freaking out about moving to my new desk, because I have a massive phone phobia. Go figure. I just hate phones; answering them, calling people, talking to people, it just freaks me out… it’s been nearly two weeks now since I’ve had a phone, and I’m starting to get the hang of it again. The phones in our department are set up so that if someone dials a number and that person is already on a call, it bounces around until it gets a free line. The majority of my calls so far have been redirections, which has been okay.

I’m leaving work at 3pm tomorrow to start my long weekend. I worked back until 7pm last night so I get that two hours off tomorrow. I’m planning on going to the gym, and seeing if I can finally get that damn iPod. Mum and Dad are going out to a birthday party tomorrow night so I’m deciding whether or not I want to cook… and Monday is Mum’s birthday so I’m having my RDO to spend the day with her. A group of us are going out for lunch on her birthday – and I’m secretly organising a cake to be brought out after the meal.


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