Posted by: k | February 15, 2008

The one where I get a bit too snap-happy

I finally got around to reinstalling my camera. It worked. No virus warnings. Yay!

What does a girl do when she has her camera operational? She takes photos… duh.

I shut myself in the bathroom and proceeded to take some damn good Myspace-esque shots.
(I say I shut myself in the bathroom because one time I was taking photos of my new haircolour with the door open, and Dad saw all the flashes up the hallway and yelled out “oh no, Kelly’s been cornered by the paparrazi!”)

Then I remembered I promised I’d post a pic of my newly repierced earlobes… so here it is:


Hot, huh?

While I was snapping away, I thought hey, my blog photo’s a bit old now (August ’07), so why not put up a new one?

So I snapped, and snapped, and snapped. And oh God, I am such a poser. It’s pathetic. But, I got a good few shots, and now I’ve narrowed it down to these:



I’m personally a fan of #1, because I somehow managed (arse, not class) to show the fact that I actually have cheekbones. And double chin, what double chin?

But hey, I’ll let you help me pick. And if I’m feeling particularly up myself one day, I might even scrapbook these. Hah.

Oh, and if anyone asks why I’ve got so many photos of myself up here… blame Matt. He went out and left me behind. Aww.



  1. i like the first one.
    and at first, I wondered what kind of fancy tiles you had, but then I realised its a shower screen..ohboy

  2. I’m a bit late, but I like the first one too. Very nice. 😀

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