Posted by: k | February 14, 2008

Fun Facts about my Fiancè

Because I love alliteration. And my fiancè, of course.

I was going to do a lovey dovey post for Valentine’s Day, but then I realised that our anniversary is a little under a month away, so I thought I’d save the sappiness for then.

So let’s have some fun facts about Matt:

# His favourite colour by far is blue. He likes silver/grey too. But if it comes in blue, he wants it blue.
# His car is blue – that’s partly why he picked it. He saw it in the caryard and went “oooh, I gotta look at the pretty blue car!”
# He loves Family Guy… especially Stewie. One of my friends gave him a Stewie mug that says “Victory will be mine!!!” and he loves it. This year’s V-Day pressie from me is a pair of boxers with Stewie saying “There’s treachery afoot!” because I know I can’t go wrong with Family Guy.
# Matt had the misfortune of experiencing a broken nose – someone shoved him face down into a car (asshole). But you wouldn’t know his nose has been broken, because the cartilage split down the centre of his nose, and not across it. No bump!
# There’s a man made mini-waterfall on a main road near my house. Back in his prankster days, Matt and one of his friends emptied an entire box of washing powder into said waterfall, then ran. Apparently there were so many bubbles they made a huge foamy road block. I think this might have made the news…
# His favourite word while road-raging is “cockhead”.
# He is VERY ticklish. He tried to hide it at first, but considering he’d get the giggles just about every time I touched him, he had to ‘fess up. And now when he gets cranky, I just tickle 😀
# HE LOVES ME! And this is why I always tell him he’s crazy. But I’m very lucky!

And, Matt just walked in the door with a long stemmed red rose and a celtic ring I’ve been eyeing off for ages. Sigh.

Is love.

Happy V-Day everyone! And if you hate Valentine’s Day – I used to loathe it myself – buy yourself something nice 😀


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