Posted by: k | February 10, 2008

The one where I throw a HISSY-FIT!

The Good News
I drove my car for the first time since Christmas Eve. No pain in my ankle. I can drive again! Yay!
It was only local, but it’s a great start. The big test will be when I have to drive to work tomorrow. I’m going in early so I’ll miss the morning peak-hour, but the afternoon drive home will be interesting.

The Evil Bad News
 I weighed myself. And I cried. Every single ounce of weight I worked my ass off to lose over the entire year that was 2007 I managed to put back on in a measly 7 weeks. I’m now at my highest weight EVER. I know this isn’t really my fault, I obviously didn’t plan on tearing up the ligaments in my ankle, and I didn’t plan to be on crutches with the inability to walk, but damn. Talk about beating a girl over the head with the “worthless” stick. I really don’t want to have to start all. over. again.

Matt came into the room and saw the scales, and asked if he could weigh himself. Sure, I said. Someone should get a decent reading out of it. He asked what number I got… and after I hesitantly told him, he said “that’s not bad”. Sweet of him, but we both know I’ve reverted back to lard-ball status.

I’m going to ‘officially’ weigh myself again tomorrow morning before breakfast, and then start kicking my own ass again. Getting my ears pierced again has awoken the piercing bug, and I want my belly button done next – but I refuse to do it while I’m this size. It’s meant to be a reward!




  1. First off, I just did a post on my blog and I noticed our titles are similar. As in they both start with “The one where…” LOL are you a Friends’ fan? 😉

    And secondly, don’t beat yourself up over the weight thing – you’ve been on crutches so it’s not like it’s your fault. Use the belly piercing as a reward and something to work towards and you’ll lose the weight fast – you’ve done it before and you can do it again! And it’s great Matt is so supportive – he’s definitely a keeper! 🙂

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