Posted by: k | February 5, 2008

Yes, I am holey.

I am very sorry about the hiatus – I ended up having my computer reformatted after I found a few viruses… but that’s another story.

My title does in fact to refer to the spontaneous piercing trip that occured on Saturday with my workmates. Yes, we all ended up going down for piercings. Yes, I got my ears done again. With a needle, too. Proud of me?

I’ve had a lot of problems with my previous ear piercings, because I have been blessed (cursed?) with thicker earlobes. When I got my second set pierced, I got them done with the regular piercing gun and standard earrings, but my ears swelled too much and I ended up with blood blisters… I had to get them pierced three times before they healed!

I explained this to the piercer (who is by far the best piercer I have ever been to – he really knew what he was talking about) and he said that he could put some longer bars in there for me – hence the needles. I now have two labret bars in my ears. For those out of the piercing loop, the labret is the piercing just below your bottom lip, in the middle.

Can I just say, this is the first time I’ve had something pierced and bled. In fact, my right ear just kept bleeding and bleeding… it was freaking me out a little. When I cleaned them on Saturday night, I actually went into full body shock. Heart racing, inability to breathe, dizziness, shaking… fun, no? But it’s worth it… my ears look good!

I don’t have a photo of my ears yet, since I just got my computer back tonight and I haven’t installed my camera. But I promise I will provide proof soon!

Four of us walked into the piercer’s room on Saturday, and between us, we walked out with one set of ears, a nose, two belly buttons, and a nipple pierced. Yes, that means someone got two piercings. In fact, it was the girl who said she wasn’t getting any!

And if that wasn’t holey enough for you: I’m taking my best mate back this weekend to get her nose done as a birthday present. She’s trying to talk me into getting my much wanted belly-button piercing, but I’m going to try and hold off a bit longer! I do want it for my 21st, after all.

So that was my holey weekend. What did you lot get up to?



  1. Wow, just getting your ears pierced sounds like a dangerous affair for you! If you were to get your belly pierced, you might bleed to death. I have mine done and I’ve never had problems, but if you’re prone to getting infections, you’re likely to get one with your belly button (or it’s likely your body will reject it and grow it out).

    Hehe, but still, I reckon go for it and get it video taped! 😉

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