Posted by: k | February 1, 2008

“Let’s get holed!”

The girls in our department today (myself included) somehow got to discussing body piercings, and we ended up talking about all the different piercings we would like to get done. A few months before I started, one of the girls actually went out on her lunchbreak and got her tongue pierced!

At 10pm tonight I get a couple of quick texts from the girls – seems like they’re spontaneously arranged to get said desired piercings… tomorrow! I’ve been invited along, but the only thing I can see myself walking away with is yet another set of ear piercings… so I’d have 3 in each ear. The others are getting/thinking about getting nipple piercings (and one of the girls already has one, but she wants the other done), so I’d be pretty darn tame, and there’s no problem with that. I’ve made it very clear that there will be no metal objects allowed near my girls!

So I guess this time tomorrow I might have piercing #4, if I’m game enough to do it. I had to get my second set of ear piercings done three times before they healed up properly.

Matt doesn’t care if I get my ears done again, but now he’s totally convinced that I work with a bunch of loonies. (And guess what, I fit right in!)

To be continued…



  1. Your coworkers are bizarre and awesome. Good luck with the piercings!

  2. Yipes…… how funny/freaky! If you don’t get anything holed up, at least you’ll have some stories to tell. I can’t think of anything grosser than a chick piercing her nipples. Blech.

  3. Haha omg that’s awesome! It reminds me of when I was at boarding school and we’d all be like, “Let’s get another piercing” and go and do it randomly! I have six piercings and I want MORE! 😛

    You’ll have to include photos if you get anything done. Nipples though … I don’t know about that, that’s a little… painful?

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