Posted by: k | January 28, 2008

Say hello to my little friend, Murphy.

This long weekend, I pledged to finally get my finger out my arse and sort through my clothes. I’ve said that I’ll do it before, but all I ever do is take everything out, fold it up and put it all back again. This time, I decided to be mean and make several piles of clothes: the “keep” pile, the “store” pile, and the “eBay” pile.

The “keep” pile is obviously the clothes that went back on my shelving, which mainly consists of my work clothes, weekend clothes, and nice going-out clothes. The “store” pile is a bag full of pants that are currently too small for me – but I’m putting them away for now, and when I’ve reached my first weight-loss goal, I’ll go through the bag and try all the pants on again. Hopefully the majority of them will fit! The “eBay” pile is the real mean pile – I actually found some clothes I no longer want – oh, the shock of it all – and I’m going to try my luck at selling them on eBay. Some of these clothes still have the tags on them!

Now, anyone that knows me personally will have probably had a coronary reading this post so far, because I am generally known as the clothes hoarder – I buy, buy and buy some more, but never get rid of anything. A couple of months ago I had to throw out a pair of cargo pants that had unrepairable holes – and I nearly cried. Such is the obsession with never throwing away clothes. It just does not happen.

So imagine how proud of myself I was when I went through my built-in wardrobe, and removed a pile of twenty items – four things I gave to my mum, and the other 16 are in a pile ready to be listed online.

Twenty things might not seem like a lot to some of you – and I’ll be honest, it’s only a tiny percentage of my entire wardrobe, but for me to have actually made up my mind to get rid of them, is a big deal.

So where does Murphy come into this? My good friend, Murphy, of Murphy’s Law – is a right asshole.

I have taken photos of said clothing items I want to sell, but now when I want to upload the photos onto my computer, I just can’t get it to work. Turns out that my Kodak software has a virus. So I’ve now uninstalled it and reinstalled it about 4 times this afternoon, and I still can’t upload my damn pictures. I’ve cracked the shits and have left it for now (to write this post, do you feel special?) but I will attempt it again soon, because I’m too damn stubborn to walk away.

Besides, if I don’t get these clothes listed soon, I know what’ll happen – I’ll lose my mean streak and put all the clothes away, and never get rid of them!

Curse you, Murphy!!!
(PS – you have a really shitty name, by the way)



  1. You have to get it fixed quickly because I definitely know the feeling of being all excited about something but then getting over it and changing your mind! I know – just send me all your clothes. 😉

  2. I’m such a clothes hoarder too… went through my wardrobe the other day when I did my tidy up and … I had tennis skirts that I had from when I played competition at the age of 14, that hadn’t been worn since that I had to fight with myself to throw out. Terrible.
    There should be a club for us clothes-hoarders… maybe we can call it ‘you’ll have to prise it from my cold, dead hands’

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