Posted by: k | January 26, 2008

The tale of the Stud-Finder

Dad went down to the hardware store this morning, with the specific intention of purchasing a stud-finder – a blokey device that detects where the framework of the wall is. It is especially useful for when you want to hang stuff on the wall, because you don’t want to put a nail through your wall into empty space – or even worse, electrical wiring – do you?

The stud-finder also appears to be good for calculating male self-esteem. Dad brought it home, pointed it at himself, and let the silence hang in the air before stating: “Nothing. Figures.”

Matt came home, walked into the kitchen and asked if that was the stud-finder sitting on the bench. Once I confirmed this, he said “I better not get too close then, I’ll probably blow it up!”

It’s good to see that modesty is one of my fiance’s main traits, no? Now I’m picturing walking down the aisle on my wedding day, and him standing at the end waiting for me throwing a tantrum and shouting: “Forget about her, look at me!!

In other gossip, Mum dreamt last night that I told her I wanted a baby and that I was already trying to fall pregnant, and when she got really angry with me about it, I apparently told her to grow up! This particular dream was so traumatic that it woke her up at 1am, and then she got up and made a cup of coffee!
(Just to clarify – there is no way I’m having babies anytime soon. We only had this discussion yesterday when Mum mentioned all my Barbies in the ceiling, and why wouldn’t I sell them? I said I was keeping them for my own kids, and then stated that Barbie will be vintage by the time that happens! This got laughs from both Mum and her friend.)



  1. The stud finder jokes sound like one my dad would make !!!

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