Posted by: k | January 25, 2008

Wax on, wax off!

I washed Matt’s car after work today.
(And although I didn’t actually wax or polish it, I’ve been dying to use this title for ages.)

Of course, the only way us drought-stricken folk can wash our cars at the moment is to go to a carwash. It was more fun than I’d imagined, actually. I don’t know if that means that I’m really starting to get into cars, or if it means I need to get out more.

I didn’t do an overly-spectacular job, but it’s a hell of a lot cleaner. And I think I did a damn good job for a limping unco person trying to operate a high-pressure spray gun and a broom.

I also managed to spray myself with said high-pressure spray gun – but at least it was when I was rinsing the car off and not soaping it up…

All that excitement and suds for the low price of $6.

I’m now looking forward to driving my own car again, because it’s putrid, and I know where I can take it!

I’ll need to get a bit more muscle before I wash my own car though, because every time I pulled the trigger on the spray gun the force of it made me take a backwards step!

Now that I’ve officially washed his car, that means I can lay claim to its ownership, right??

While we’re on the car subject, check out this totally funny car ad:
(This one has ladybird sex scenes, so might be a little offensive… but is funny!)

This isn’t the ad that is being shown in Australia – instead the ad that’s being played here is hundreds of ladybirds having a rave party, which is cute!



  1. I’ve never physically washed a car. Never by hand. I’d either wait until my dad got bored of a weekend and sigh and mumble something about how filthy it was- thus planting the idea to wash it in his head… or I just let it wallow in it’s own filth.
    My arguement now is that my car is A. A work vehicle, and B a smallish, but grunty looking all-wheel-drive and hence, dirt looks good on it.

  2. Apparently last weekend, we were granted a wet weekend. Dammit. It’s the one weekend I go away and I miss out on being able to water things to my heart’s delight! I would have watered the lawn, washed both cars and washed the outside of the house/windows. Oh well, next time!

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