Posted by: k | January 20, 2008

Did anyone say BLONDE?

…I am such an idiot. Well, maybe just blonde.

 Matt has been rather obsessed pre-occupied with a computer game his niece and nephew have been playing online (RuneScape for anyone who’s interested), so he’s been hogging the computer in our room. Most nights this means I have to sit on the bed and audibly sigh for an hour or so until he gets the hint and lets me check my emails.
(Yes, this is the same guy that would crack the shits when I would spend a couple of hours at a time scouring eBay instead of cuddling in front of the TV… but I’m expected not to say a word when he spends about 5 hours straight playing this stupid game, day after day. Man-logic much?)

I was sitting on the edge of the bed watching Matt play, when Dad walks past and says “Do you want to go on the internet? Why don’t you use my computer?”

You know how Wile. E. Coyote gets smashed with a massive anvil in just about every time he chases Road Runner? I got hit with an anvil of realisation.

We have 4 computers in this house. Mine, Mum’s, Dad’s, and Dad’s laptop. (Not bad, hey?) TWO of them are connected to the internet… and I totally forgot that Dad got a network set up between my computer and his.
This is before the other stuff we have – 5 TVs, 3 VCR’s, 4 DVD players, 2 surround systems, 2 stereos, a PS2, and good old cable TV.

I am so blonde. I’ve been so obsessed with wrangling my computer back from the dragon-slaying other half that I forgot about all the other technology sitting in this house. (Imagine me slapping my forehead here.)

So, today’s post comes to you courtesy of my lovely Dad. Give him props, okay?
Despite the fact that I’m sitting in the dark, stuffy, tiny, over-furnished spare room with no fans and no windows open, it’s quite comfortable. Dad’s keyboard is surprisingly easier to use than mine. Although I’m planning on getting another wireless keyboard and mouse set soon – don’t ask what happened to the old one. Oh okay, you convinced me. The wireless transmitter thingy doubled as a battery charger, and one day, my Dad stuck non-rechargable batteries into the charger. And deaded it.

I’ve been following in Jennie‘s shoe-obsessed footsteps recently, but I do have good reason. My ankle is still healing, and although I’m stupidly bravely shunning the crutches a week or so earlier than I probably should, I still can’t wear anything with a slight heel. Most of my work shoes are heels, so I was left with two pairs of flats, which is totally unacceptable! So what does this mean? SHOE SHOPPING! I needed more flats, so yesterday my bestest-buddy Kelly (no, I’m not making that up – we actually have the same name) came and picked me up in my her lovely purple Jazz and we went out for lunch. I mentioned my need for shoes, so we went to our local clearance outlet. And I went a wee bit crazy. Trying on heels that I can’t wear but lust over anyway. A few pairs were so high I would have been able to look Matt straight in the eye had he been standing in front of me – which is saying something, with me being 5’5″ and him being 6’2″.

I walked away with two pairs of flats. The first pair are a royal blue colour, and they have ribbon woven around the tops and side, and then a bow on the side. Very cute.

The second pair… well, I think they’re awesome, but everyone thinks I’m crazy for getting them, because they’re, er, a bit different. They’re black, with a pointy toe, and a cute little strap going across the top. They sound fairly harmless, don’t they?
But… they are furry. They had the same pair in leopard print, but they looked tacky, so I just got the plain black ones. Kelly thought I was crazy, and my Mum tells me they feel like a dead cow (how would she know what a dead cow feels like?!), but concedes that they look good on. Matt actually thinks they’re funky!

I know now that you’ll be dying to see what they look like. I’ve taken photos, but I’ll have to wait until I can get back on my own computer to upload them, because I refuse to install my camera on Dad’s computer as well… but trust me, they’re cool.

I shall be back with visual goodness – once someone is evicted from Dragon-Land.



  1. I want to see the dead cow flats!

    I bought a pair here… and I’m still not sure if they suit me. EVERYONE wears flats here, so you’d fit right in.

    Good for you, Kel’s Dad. My other half is currently playing Warcraft as I type… but since he’s on his own computer, doesn’t worry me.

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