Posted by: k | January 18, 2008


Q. What do you do when you don’t have access to the internet at work?
A. You blog in an email and send it to yourself.
Venting required… please bear with me.
I am so sick of not having my independence… it’s very tempting to get into my car (with newly repaired gearbox!) and start driving myself to work again.
The men in my house are currently at each other’s throats over the car/driving issue. Matt drove me to work in my car and had trouble with the gearbox. Dad drove my car and said that the gearbox was sloppy as hell, and that it wasn’t to be driven until it was fixed. Dad said Matt would have to have a look at it, since he’s the more mechanically-minded of the two. Matt didn’t look. Dad went down to the library on his own and spent the better part of an hour going through the manual for my car and photocopying the information on the gearbox, before giving the pages to Matt and telling him to look at it.
Matt deemed it “too hard”, because apparently most of the front end had to be taken apart to get access. Dad got angry.
And so my Dad, who does not have a mechanical bone in his body, fixed my car all by himself. It took him two days to do a job that could have taken a mechanic a couple of hours. He also had to drive out to the wreckers in his car twice, once to get the part, and another time to get the bolt that was missing.
Now Dad is shitty because he did it on his own, and apparently Matt didn’t offer to help…
The next suggestion was that Matt and I swap cars for a week so that I can drive myself to work, since Matt’s car is automatic. I would be able to drive myself, and Matt could drive my car, since he works closer to home.
But Matt won’t allow me to drive his car unless he’s in it, claiming that if I had an accident the excess would be over $2000. I’ve never had an accident (except for that stupid bitch that ran a give way sign in the carpark, but NOT MY FAULT!)… How’s that for faith in your other half?
So, I can’t drive my own car, and Matt won’t let me drive his, which infuriates my Dad further – and now they’re not talking.
If only I hadn’t rolled my ankle on Boxing Day… grrr…
And in a pure twist of irony, Mum brought home a copy of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. Guess what February’s book of the month will be?


  1. Kelly, to distract you from your current domestic battleground, I forgot to notify you that I tagged you for another meme. If you would like to do it – feel free. It was a little while ago, jan15 , but I forgot to let everyone know!
    I hope the guys sort it out! It makes things tense for you.

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