Posted by: k | January 17, 2008

I did it!

I finished my detox yesterday! Boy, am I glad.

I do admit though, that I do feel a lot better after not being caffiene-dependant for 10 days. The first half was hell, but I’ve adjusted to functioning without it – so whether or not this means I drink less Coke Zero than I used to remains to be seen. I had a bottle with my lunch, and it just didn’t taste as good as I remembered…

One of Matt’s cousins is getting married in early March, and it looks like Matt wants to go, which will be interesting. I’ve never met this particular cousin, and apparently the girl he’s marrying is a few cents short of a picnic. (I did say apparently, but from what I’ve heard…) If Matt decides to go, we’re going to need to take the Friday off work to drive up/down to Hervey Bay and stay in a hotel the night before the wedding, then come home Saturday night. Oh, and I’d need to go on some sort of crash diet to fit into a nice outfit, because I refuse to be the ‘fat fiancee’. I hope he makes up his mind on whether or not he’s going because I’ll need to see if I can have the time off…

I’m going now to stalk a pair of shoes I’m bidding for on eBay, and I’ll leave you with today’s sticker…

Without me it's only aweso



  1. Good work! Did you find the detox helped a lot with the weight loss or just sort of got you READY for starting?

    I found Nutella. I’m in trouble.

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