Posted by: k | January 13, 2008

The Internet was closed so I thought I’d come outside today.*

(*The title is about my Threadless tees. I’ll get to that. But first… a rant!) 

I am sooooooooo looking forward to this Tuesday.

Just an ordinary Tuesday to most… but I get my very first pay from my new job on Tuesday! Yay!

I am desperate to get paid, because my new job pays monthly, and I haven’t been paid since the 14th of December – meaning, I’ve had to make one week’s pay last one month. No easy feat, I tell you. I would be royally screwed if I weren’t still living at home. I have a grand total of $1.50 to my name… and that’s after borrowing $200 from the joint account. Yikes. Oh, and did I mention that I accidently went over my credit card limit? By five dollars… but still. Not good.

On Tuesday morning, I should be able to check my account and see 6 weeks pay sitting there. Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?

For the first time since Christmas Eve, I actually got to drive a car and go out on my own. I think Matt got sick of me moping around was feeling sympathetic and handed me his keys, and said to be careful. I have never fully appreciated automatic transmission until today, let me tell you! Driving around was great, but getting in and out of the shops on my crutches was just plain painful. You wouldn’t believe how many people walked straight at me, and then realised that I wasn’t going to move at the last second, so they got out of the way. I got lots of stares at my foot, too. Stupid people. Make way for the cripple!

I know I’ve been slack with showing off my Threadless tees, considering I got them a few weeks ago. My original plan was to model each tee and then take pics of them for you… but you wouldn’t believe quickly I’ve ballooned since I hurt my ankle. They fit perfectly when I first got them, but now… yeuch. Guess there’s not a lot I can do about the weight gain until I’m a little more active. (Sympathy here would be greatly appreciated.)

Anyway, my shirts. I saw this one first and I realised I just had to have it. The family had a bit of a laugh when it arrived:


And this one – this one is me, for sure. I posted a little while ago saying how peas are my most hated vegetable, and when I saw this shirt… I had to have it! You have to admit it though… these peas are pretty cute, with their wee little helmets…aww!


I know this post feels like it’s going on forever… but I just have one more thing to say. Matt and I went to see I Am Legend last night, and it was pretty good. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but it was good. There were a few funny bits, a lot of sad parts, and even more scary parts. I have to say though, that what first made me want to see it was the fact that Will Smith’s in it. I love Will Smith, I’ll see just about anything he’s in. I wasn’t disappointed, either. There was this one scene in the movie where he’s working out, doing chin-ups and stuff, shirtless, and oh my. It was hawt.

One tip, though: If you’re ever on crutches, don’t think you’ll manage going to a movie. Seriously. It was so hard trying to get comfortable, and the cinema was nearly packed so I couldn’t stick my leg up on the back of the seat in front… it was just awkward.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my new layout… I wasn’t too sure about it, but everyone likes it, and hey, it’s growing on me! It’s a bit more simple!



  1. Jason had a giggle at your shirt – how much do we love threadless, eh? 😀 I’m glad you got addicted to them too!

  2. You only get paid monthly? That sucks! Here’s hoping the bank account is to the brim when you check it. And I love the shirts – very cute! I’ve never bought from Threadless before but when I get my credit card (am applying for one this week) it’s going to be my first stop! 😀

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