Posted by: k | January 10, 2008

No Coke make Kelly go crazy.

Well, I’m making good on one of this year’s resolutions. Already!

I started my detox on Monday. I’m not sticking to the diet 100%, but I’m doing the bulk of it, as well as taking all the supplements.

One of the items on the banned list is caffiene. And, my dears, this means no Coke Zero for 10 days. I’m a lot bit weird, I think – I’ve never liked coffee or tea (yes, I’ve tried them), so for years my only source of pep-me-up has been the good old bottle/can of Coke. Last year, I switched to Coke Zero, and never looked back…

Until now.

I’m now on day 4 of the detox, and while I can proudly say that I have not touched a drop of the good stuff, I’m really struggling.

Headaches? Check.
Tiredness? Check.
Red eyes? Check.
General crankiness? Check.

I know detoxes usually don’t have you feeling all that good while you’re cleaning your system out, but this is ridiculous.

Do you want to know what makes it worse? One of the girls I work with is a total caffiene addict. Comes to work with a coffee or two, drinks said coffee, then has about 3-4 cans of Coke Zero throughout the rest of the day.

It makes me sad, and tired, and grumpy, watching her drink it all.

The only liquid I have had in the past 4 days is just plain ol’ water. Yummo…

Here’s a trick question for you – what’s worse than a grumpy detoxer?
A. A grumpy detoxer on crutches. If I get jokingly called ‘cripple’ or ‘hopalong’ one more time, I’m going to be a crutch short, because I’ll jam it somewhere crutches just aren’t meant to go.



  1. Haha now is not a good time for you to be detoxing! Your patience is already waning because of the crutches. Don’t go cold turkey – cut down the drinking over time, and that will ease the symptoms. Have one coke a day for a week, then cut it down to one coke every two days etc. Good luck!

  2. Yikes, no coke, tea OR coffee? I’d go mental without my tea. Or my orange cordial. Good for you!

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