Posted by: k | January 6, 2008

Hopalong is my new middle name…

Right now I’m feeling a little lot sore and sorry for myself.

After a week and a half of nagging from my family, I finally went to the doctor to see about my sprained ankle. The bruising’s worse, the swelling’s horrible, and well, I can’t put any weight on it at all, really.

The good news? No crutches. My doctor reckons they wouldn’t do me any good.

The bad news? I not only sprained my ankle, I tore the tendon that runs from the outside of my ankle and down my foot.

Yeah, I think that would explain the general ouchness and inability to put weight on it.

I don’t get how he didn’t give me crutches though. I assumed that when you tore ligaments and stuff, they were a necessity. I’m grateful, though. This morning I had to put up with hearing some of the following ‘jokes’ from my parents and Matt:

– “Geez, Kel, you trip over airballs on your own two feet… I wouldn’t trust you with crutches!”
– “Whenever we see you coming, we’ll have to jump on the furniture to give you some room.”
– “Didn’t you trip over your big toe last time?”

And to make the experience even more painful, my doctor’s exact advice was this: “don’t walk normally… but walk with a flat foot at all times, like you’ve got a peg leg.”

Do you know how bloody stupid I looked, trying to hobble to the car when it was pissing down rain? Do you know how stupid it looks in general to try and walk with a “peg leg”? And I have to do it until it heals, which will be at least 6 weeks.

Six weeks of relying on my parents to take me to work, because I can’t drive. Six weeks of frustration at losing my independence… gah. At least I got anti-inflammatories for the swelling.

So I guess I should change my blog name from Kelly Marie to Kelly Hopalong, because I really do think I’ll be hoppin’ along for awhile yet.



  1. Haha, jus imagine all the google searches you’re going to get for people looking for Peg Legs. 😛

  2. Aww! Now is the perfect opportunity for you to be waited on, hand and foot, when you get home from work! Hopefully it feels better soon – I hear that chocolate and ice-cream work wonders. 😉

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